Reward Your Best Customers with Great Original Merchandise

Your Brand. In Real Life.

Something new is happening. The cool kids are actually integrating brand merchandise into their cloud based services and social media efforts. When you measure the lifetime value of your customer into the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, the cost of sending an awesome shirt starts to look very inexpensive. Would you rather have a billboard promoting your brand, or an excited fan wearing it?

Hope you can see where this is going.

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How It Works

Here's an example of a perk merch campaign.

• You design an awesome t-shirt
Amplifier prints it for you
You tell us who to send it to through our Realtime Shipping API
Amplifier ships out your shirt the next business day
• Your customer gets their shirt and is delighted
• They rave about your brand in Social Media.

Hey, but why take our word for it? See for yourself!





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