Built into Our Fabric

Everything Flows

Amplifier knows how challenging it can be to manage a growing supply chain. We get it. And we also know you might already have special relationships with important vendors of signature products.

Out of Order

Amplifier not only creates useful tools for you, we create them for your Suppliers, too. You get maximum flexibility and complete visibility into their inventory deliveries in real time.


• Easy to Use Routing Guide
• Digital ASN Creation
• Paperwork Generation
• Auto-generated Box/Pallet Labels
• Auto-generated Item-Barcode labels

Line of Sight

Amplifier enables your Suppliers to tell us when they are sending in more inventory. The industry jargon for this process is called an Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). Think of an ASN as a digital Heads Up of more inventory.

Suppliers Ratings

Accountability now available

Amplifier's platform provides more than visibility, we provide Accountability. We grade every delivery your Suppliers make. A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, Amplifier actually shows you how well your Suppliers are doing.

If they aren't notifying us of deliveries, you'll know. If they aren't labeling your deliveries correctly, we'll tell you. If they're knocking it out of the park, you'll see. Since non-compliant deliveries can cost you more, Amplifier gives you the information you need to ensure your Suppliers do right by you.

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