Your Magento orders are delivered in realtime to Amplifier through our API. No manual downloads or uploads!


Inventory is synchronized between Amplifier and your online store automatically. No need to manually adjust levels.

Tracking #s

Once we ship your orders, we store your Tracking Numbers, so your can let your customers know what's up.


Design Print-on-Demand merchandise with Amplifier that can be sold from your Magento catalog.

Suit Yourself

Our Magento integration let's you set-it-and-forget-it.  But integration is only the beginning.  Because with our powerful platform, you can complete control all aspects of your distribution.  Send manual shipments, reward loyal customers with free merchandise, even have us handle wholesale orders. Control your Fulfillment, Order Screen Printing, Sell Print-on-Demand products and even have us handle your Customer Service.

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