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Mythical Entertainment, an entertainment company and lifestyle brand founded by life-long friends Rhett & Link, has over 16 million YouTube subscribers who have enjoyed billions of views.

What We Do

Mythical Society relies on Amplifier's powerful Campaigns features to manage the quarterly reward fulfillment for members of their fan club . We also fulfill orders from their online store, provide screen print and on-demand printing as well as Customer Service.

Mythical and Smosh have partnered with Amplifier for several years, and been consistently impressed. We have found Amplifier precise and swift in execution, innovative in expanding its service offerings, and reliably polite in dealing with our customers. Ask around – those three skillsets do not often coexist in ecommerce.

Why we Partnered with Amplifier

We believe Amplifier can do great work for any creator or creative brand who, like us, is serious about their ecommerce and subscription businesses – but wants to keep their core focus on the work of entertaining their fans, and leave the challenges listed above to true industry experts.

Amplifier offers a multiplatform, creative-first company like us the ability to fulfill a wide set of ambitions with one core partner, under one roof.

What Amplifier Does for Us:

• Produces our apparel in-house (direct-to-garment & screen print)

• Receiving and processing shipments from our worldwide array of outside suppliers (e.g. drinkware, grooming products, accessories, apparel, etc.) giving us maximum flexibility in sourcing

• Optimizes our business daily through their self-service platform and Shopify integration

• Offers continuous consulting through their expert Client Service crew via chat whenever we need

• Using their Zapier app to automate Mythical Society (our subscription fan club) rewards and more

• Far more to come, given how often Amplifier debuts advanced new features that will help us continue to delight our amazing community of Mythical Beasts

Brian Flanagan, COO

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