The Platform

The most powerful self-service logistics platform anywhere.

What's in a name?  In most cases, very little. Look at our competitors and ask yourself what exactly are they about?  Amplifier® declares what we are here to do. We exist to magnify YOU and your brand and we do it through our amazingly powerful self-service platform.



Everything Starts with An Idea

Before you start shipping, you need something to actually ship. No problem.  With Amplifier's Designs tool, you can quickly offer merchandise with or without inventory.  It's almost too good to be true. 

Designs Features On Demand

You Choose


If you need real inventory, Amplifier® offers amazingly awesome screen printing and we permanently host all your design masters as well.   You can choose from thousands of different blanks.  Alternative Apparel, American Apparel, Bella Canvas, Gildan, Next Level, we have virtually every blank you could ever want to choose from. All Plans.


Print-On-Demand designs are produced only when you send orders for them. You don't have to carry any inventory and can offer products like T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Posters, Coffee Mugs, iPhone Cases and more. [Starter/Standard/Pro Plans only]

Bulk Printing offers Thousands of Blanks to Choose From


True Order Management

Cancel, Create and Edit

More than just Order review, our platform provides true Order Management. In addition to Tracking your orders, you can Cancel and Edit many of them, too. 

Available on Starter, Standard & Pro plans.


Whether your Orders come from an online store, a crowdfunding campaign or a merchandise giveaway campaign, we can handle them.  


Amplifier also sports an awesome API that lets you build on top of our robust production & fulfillment capabilities. You can even send customized print-on-demand to us with it!


Weapons Grade Warehousing


Ask your provider what software they use to manage their warehouse.  If they are spending $50/month, run screaming.  Amplifier's warehouse operations are powered by Manhattan Associates' SCALE. This powerful Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the best system available on the market. This investment underscores our commitment to delivering world class logistics and not just "fulfillment".  

Available on Standard & Pro plans.


Amplifier doesn't just deliver your goods, we deliver visibility, understanding and accountability.   Amplifier continuously performs RF-gun driven cycle-counting to give you up-to-date counts of everything. We also maintain Safety Stock, Low Levels and show you not only Current Inventory but Expected Inventory. 

Buck Stops Here

Many of our competitors don't even perform the work they pretend to provide.  They outsource inventory management, fulfillment and product productions to other people and merely present you with a slick facade.  Not us. Amplifier actually does the work. 


Line of Sight

The Amplifier platform isn't just for you. We give your Suppliers powerful tools to easy manage their deliveries to Amplifier. With us, your Suppliers can:

 • Notify us of incoming shipments

 • Tell us how many units, boxes & pallets are coming

 • Print out barcode labels. 

We not only provide visibility into your inbound inventory, we grade every delivery made to our docks. Because a supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, Amplifier actually shows you how well your Suppliers are doing. If they aren't notifying us of deliveries, you'll know. If they aren't labeling your deliveries correctly, we'll tell you. If they're knocking it out of the park, you'll see. Since non-compliant deliveries can cost you more, Amplifier gives you the information you need to ensure your Suppliers do right by you.

Available on Standard & Pro plans.

If Any of Your Suppliers are Clueless, You'll Know


Reward Your Best Customers with Free Swag

Campaigns powers the swag giveaway programs of MailChimp. We have loved working with them for years as they delight their fans with unforgettable merch. Since then, our features have come to power a whole new generation of leading SaaS brands like Slack, Simple, and Medium. (Pro Plan only)


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