What's in a name? In most cases, very little. Look at our competitors and ask yourself what exactly are they about? Our name IS our mission. Amplifier® exist to magnify YOU and your brand.

Most "Fulfillment companies" suck

The operationally-capable ones completely lack imagination. The years have taught them that the most important innovations are in their cost-savings not in your distribution.

And then there's the dreamers. The imaginative upstarts talking about "changing the rules". These youthful pretenders often have no real clue what they are doing but are thrilled to learn this often torturous trade at your brand's expense. As Mike Tyson once quipped, "They've all got a plan... Until they get hit."

The Amplifier Difference

Amplifier is different machine entirely. Battle-tested. Weapons grade. We built our operational foundation on the industry's best-of-breed commercial software. WMS. OMS. Billing. Despite our hard won operational experience, we are truly committed to innovating. We believe that the only way to command an interesting market position is by offering genuine, indisputable differentiation.

Different in Kind, not degree

Outsourcing logistics usually involves a surrender of intimacy. As our name declares, Amplifier wants to use technology to make fulfillment into a new medium. We are already the only self-signup service that blends print-on-demand with truly third-party fulfillment. And we are only getting started.

How We Amplify

It's all about the right feedback loops


Static is a funny word. It means noise and it also means not moving. Self-fulfillment can arrest your development and require you become a logistics expert. That‘s not what your community wants you doing! They want to hear more of your voice and see more of the world through your eyes. They want new works, faster! They’re happy to support you. Why pretend you want to be a box packer or customer service rep? No offense, but we ARE box packers and customer service reps. Anyone can ship orders but only one person can be YOU.


Time spent dealing with your distribution is time spent NOT doing the very thing that got you an audience in the first place. By reducing the noise in your life, we increase the frequency at which you touch your audience. More frequent interaction means a happier audience. A happier audience means more engagement. More engagement means more sales. More sales means more money for you to be you.


Amplifier brings your voice in louder and clearer. By reducing noise and increasing the time you have with your audience, we actually can increase your opportunities to create and sell totally new creative works. And the more you sell, the more we ship. See what a virtuous circle this creates?

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