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High Tech. Yet Old Fashioned.

"Self-Service" Features

We built Amplifier to serve Internet-native brands. You can signup and start shipping without talking to anyone. Our pricing is public and we know many clients are in a rush to solve a problem.

"At Your Service" Values

While we love technology, we are committed to friendly and responsive chat-based support. We know nothing is more frustrating than waiting hours or even days for answers about your fulfillment. Amplifier is so committed to support that our founders routinely man our chat.

Everything is Under Control


Want to send a manual shipment out Next Day Air to Trinidad? No problem. Need to import a catalog of new Items to create SKUs? We got you. Want us to help you give rewards to your best, most loyal users? Easy. Want your Vendors to be able to easily send us more Inventory? Ain't nothing but a thing. You can do all these things and much more with our powerful fulfillment platform. My Amplifier gives you control over your fulfillment. It's a giant remote control for your distribution.



Amplifier offers high-volume fulfillment and ships to 220 countries. Tracking numbers are delivered in real time back to your shop. Monitor your orders from within the Amplifier platform.


Organize components into kits to your exacting specifications. Direct light assembly. Have Amplifier get fragile and other items ready to ship.

B2B/Event Shipments

Need to ship an entire trade show booth to Australia? How about 5,000 Blu-Ray DVDs into retailers with exacting Vendor Compliance Guidelines? Need EDI-enabled shipments? Amplifier has extensive experience with all kinds of B2B/Event-related shipments.


We have seen the future, and it's customized. Amplifier can support customization from simply using client-supplied custom packaging or drop-ins to elaborate "custom presentation" requests for those who simply must create an unforgettable experience.

Crowdfunders Welcome

We work with Indiegogo and Kickstarter

Online Stores aren't the only fans of Amplifier. Crowdfunders dig us, too. We not only ship your campaigns, we can also make many of your products, too. Delivering on your campaign promises is hard enough; simplify your life by picking a partner who integrates Screen Printing, Fulfillment and Customer Support under the same roof.


Zach Weiner
Rooster Teeth Lazer Team
RocketJump Video Game High School
Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics)

Just Getting Started

Amplifier knows that communities like yours need fast and accurate fulfillment. And that's not the end of the story, but the beginning -- because you don't just need to ship your goods, you also need to produce a lot of them.

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