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Goodbye Inventory

With Print On Demand, sell your designs on t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, posters, mugs, and even cellphone cases without risking a dime on inventory because you never pay for anything until you’ve already sold it. How’s that for easy money?

Hello Inventory

Amplifier not only lets you sell Print-on-Demand inventory, we will actually produce and ship it out WITH traditional stocked inventory. By integrating Stocked and On-Demand fulfillment, we've truly given you the best of both worlds.


Amplifier Print-on-Demand includes many products. Here's pricing and specs for our most popular options. Click any for more details and to download art templates.

(Fulfillment, Freight and Packaging priced separately)

Direct to Garment

Our DTG systems are small miracles that blend ink-jet style technology and sophisticated chemistry with very high-speed production. Why, with such high-quality screen printing available, would Amplifier offer Direct-to-Garment as an option?

  • It frees your from tying up cash in inventory.
  • It reduces your risk -- what if you produced a thousand shirts that just weren’t selling?
  • It even allows for beautiful, vibrant color on dark apparel.
  • It’s amazingly cool.


DTG also adds another powerful printing feature for communities – personalization. After all, community merch is about identifying yourself with your tribe. It doesn't get any more personal than actually putting some original identifier on a product. Many people use Jersey-style last names, but increasingly folks are using their community handles such as GamerTags, Usernames, Twitter IDs, and so on.

What's more, Amplifier has integrated DTG Printing into our Fulfillment capabilities. You are free to sell Stocked and Print-on-Demand Goods inside the same shopping cart. In most cases, the items will be shipped out in the same shipment, saving you money.

It's Personal

Amplifier fully integrates Print-on-Demand with Traditionally Stocked Inventory.


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