Screen Printing

Premium Quality. Massive Scale. Total Integration.


Almost Too Good to be True.


We work with clients of all types, from seasoned apparel veterans to first-time printers. We’ll guide you through the process, so it’s far easier, less intimidating, and more rewarding. Moreover, our Production plant is in the same place as our Fulfillment plant. Your goods flow straight from production into your Inventory.


• Up to 14 colors on a single press
• Convenient ordering inside My.Amplifier
• Eliminate transport time and freight cost
• We can Prep your shirts for retailers


A complex process that bleaches thread colors allowing lighter ink laydown while still maintaining vibrancy. Very light hand.


Type of ink that is maximally-breathable and very lightweight. Popular with those "kids today."


Tried and true method with highly opaque inks employed by majority of printers. Old school and heavier handed.


This is what it sounds like. Reflective metallic material applied in very precise fashion. Bling Bling.

Even More

Amplifier can remove tags, print in-collar and on sleeves and even help you procure custom cut-and-sew garments.

Sample Pricing

Single-Location Print + Blank + Setup

Amplifier supports thousands of blanks not listed here. We also provide Premium Options (e.g. Discharge, Water-Based Inks, Foil, and more) and Premium Finishing (e.g. Inside-the-Collar Labels, Inserts, and Hangtags). Here's sample pricing on several popular blanks.

But Screen Printing is just the beginning.

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