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Crowdfunding brings communities together behind a common cause, namely YOU. Platforms like Indiegogo & Kickstarter let you derisk your production, but they don’t solve the very real challenge of shipping hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of rewards to your backers. That’s where Amplifier comes in. We handle your reward logistics, so you can keep being creative.

You got this far by doing what you love — creating content, designing products, or even marketing your brand. As your order volume grows, though, so does your support queue. Why not leave it to us?

When you let Amplifier handle your inbound customer support, you’ll enjoy:


• Backer management and polling
• Backer data scrubbing
• Reward fulfillment
• Reward production
• Even white-label backer support with our fully staffed customer service center


• T-shirts/Hoodies
• Posters
• Coffee Mugs
• Reward production
• We can also ship Anything You Send us!

The Gold Standard


You have a great community. Why let just anyone ship out your crowdfunding rewards? With hundreds of fulfillment companies out there, why choose us? It's easy. We built Amplifier to meet the logistics needs of Internet communities exclusively. That's all we do. Our entire service platform has been built to solve the challenges unique to communities like yours. Our integration of Screen Printing, Print-on-Demand, Support and Fulfillment makes crowdfunding fulfillment so much easier by maximizing your control and increasing your visibility into your supply chain. It's no wonder that Indiegogo chose Amplifier to be their preferred fulfillment partner.

Some of the largest crowdfunding campaigns of all time have chosen Amplifier to make and ship their rewards because we deliver the goods, time and time again. We would love to do the same for you.

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